As  a  foreigner  (that  is,  a  non Australian  citizen  or  non Australian  Permanent  Resident) wanting  to  invest  in  an Australian  property,  purchasing  a  House  &  Land  Package  is  one of the best options you could consider. The following are the key steps in this process:

(1)  Identify the City / Suburb / Area

Most  house  and  land  packages  are  available  in  the  outer  suburbs  of  the  main  cities  as part of  new  residential  estates,  although  there  are  pockets  closer  to  the  CBD  that  you can  still purchase  a  house  and  land  package  within  a  redevelopment  of  an  existing site. There are   also   vacant   land   parcels   in   almost   every suburb,   being   the   last remaining unbuilt  land  allotments  within  established  residential  areas,  often  held  by builders  from  the time  the  area  was  a  new  estate.  These  builders  may  now  decide  its time to release these allotments and offer a house and land package.The  choice  of  where  to  purchase  would  mostly  depend  on  how  much  you  can  or  want to  invest  and  also  the  reason(s)  for  purchasing  and  /  or  your  financial  goal(s).  Broadly speaking,  house  and  land  packages  can  range  from  as  low  as  $390,000  to  $800,000 or even higher.

(2)  Select your House & Land Package

You  can  choose  your  house  and  land  as  a  package  or  separately.  You  could  be purchasing  the  land  from  the  land  owner  and  have  your  house  built  by  a  builder  OR you  could  have  your  house  built  by  the  builder  who  is  also  the  land  owner.  Whichever case  it  is,  there  should  be  two  separate  contracts  involved:  one  for  the  land  purchase and another for the house construction.In  a  new  residential  estate  the  land  owner  is  usually  the  developer,  though  you  could be  buying  the  land  from  a  builder  who  booked  multiple  choice  lots  from  the  developer. In established residential areas, the land owner could be a builder or a private owner.

(3)  Purchase the Land 

If  you  are  buying  the  land  separately,  realise  that  the  area  and  dimensions  of  your  land will determine the house size and design that can fit comfortably.Before  purchasing  get  a  copy  of  the  Vendor’s  Statement**  and  Sale  Contract,  consult with  a  solicitor  on  the  content  of  these  documents  if  necessary,    pay  a  booking  fee  or full deposit and the balance on settlement day.**  known  as  Section  32  (Disclosure  Statement)  in  Victoria  and  Schedule  1  Prescribed  Documents  in  New South Wales. No legal requirement for a vendor’s statement in Queensland.

(4)  Choose your House Design 

You  should  have  a  very  clear  understanding  of  the  size,  design  and  type  of  house  you want  built  on  your  land  even  before  buying  the  land.  Your  builder  will  have  provided you  with  building  plans,  an  itemised  list  of  inclusions,  choice  of  finishes,  additions  and any customisations for the proposed house.

(5)  Soil Test  NOT your worry!

After  paying  a  small  contract  preparation  fee  to  your  builder,  they  will  arrange  for  a soil  test  to  be  conducted  and  produce  a  site  report.  This  key  step  ensures  the  site  cost so a final Home Building Contract can be finalised.

(6)  Sign the Building Contract

Once  your  contract  has  been  prepared,  arrange  with  your  solicitor  to  sign  it  (even  if  you are overseas) and pay the balance of your 10% deposit.

(7)  Building Permit NOT your worry!

Your  builder  will  take  care  of  lodging  the  building  permit  applications  for  your  property, pay any associated fees, as well as arranging sewer and mains connection.

(8)  Construction  NOT your worry!

Your  builder  is  responsible  for  the  construction  of  your  new  home  and  will  keep  you informed every step of the way.

(9)  Certificate of Occupation (CoC)  NOT your worry!

When  construction  is  complete  you  will  be  provided  with  a  CoC  by  your  builder.  This is  the  time  to  make  final  payment  and  for  handover  to  occur,  and  the  exciting  part,  you will get to collect your keys (or you can send your proxy).